Graham Metcalf has been a performer since the 1960s playing rock'n'roll, folk and country music. Apart from acoustic guitar, dobro and banjo, all of which he plays in the band, Graham also plays electric and pedal steel guitars and works as a solo singer and is a member of The Bounty Hunters Country Band.

Phil Quin is a seasoned musician and singer having played lead guitar in many bands and helped form several. As well as acoustic guitar he plays mandolin in the band and also runs a 6-piece vocal harmony group The Bluebirds.

Katharine Priestley joined Union Central after spending several years performing with The Saltmine Theatre Company and  replaced Josie Mills in 2010. Her great singing talent was immediately apparent and she has shown true commitment to the band.

Geoff Earp is a bass player of extraordinary ability and sensitivity and has played in many bands over a period of several decades. He is a member of The Bounty Hunters Country Band.

Hannah Crawford is a classically trained violinist and music teacher making her mark on the music scene in just a few short years. She joined Union Central in 2012 replacing Maggie Allred. She also plays violin in the Vitula String Quartet .

Bluegrass History

What is "Bluegrass Music"? It is essentially a genre which grew out of old-time Appalachian and other American folk music. It appeared as a result of the advent of widespread radio broadcasting in the 1930s and 40s. The fact that all the musicians in the band had to work around one microphone gave rise to the playing style by which each player took his turn to move in close to the microphone. This is the reason for the extended break passages between the singing and playing often encountered in Bluegrass. The name actually springs from a band that was set up by brothers Bill and Charlie Monroe. Bill later named his band The Bluegrass Boys, as they were based in the Bluegrass State of Kentucky. The term "Bluegrass" became a genre during the 1940s and Bill Monroe laid down the instrument line-up which has been adhered to ever since; that being (all strictly acoustic), guitar, 5-string banjo, mandolin, fiddle and double bass. Flatt and Scruggs later added the Dobro, played by "Uncle Josh" Graves on their TV shows in the fifties and sixties. By the 1990s Bluegrass had become a significant force in American music, helped along by movies such as Bonnie and Clyde, Deliverance and Oh Brother Where Art Thou? Artists such as Ricky Skaggs, Emmylou Harris and Alison Krauss have brought the music into the major league.